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What are Bonded Warehouses & its major advantages.

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

A customs bonded warehouse is a safe location

What are Bonded Warehouses and Its Major Advantages?

A customs bonded warehouse is a safe location where products imported from outside the UK can be stored until they are delivered to their final destination. Importing and exporting from foreign trade zones can be expensive, thus bonded storage can help manage costs – for example, import duty, which permits VAT taxes to be deferred until the products are sold or removed from the bonded warehouse. 

HMRC enforces stringent import and export laws and regulations on all UK Customs Bonded Warehouses, which are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with foreign trade zones.

Businesses can store their imported products in customs-bonded specific warehouses if they are doubtful of their final destination or as temporary holding if they want to re-export items beyond the UK. You can use a bonded warehouse as a warehousing facility while you wait for complete UK customs clearance and tax payment.

Bonded warehousing provides a secure facility in which bonded products, which are liable to import duty and VAT, can be stored to avoid being confiscated. It is permissible to defer paying customs and other taxes until the imported goods are ready to be sold. For businesses importing or exporting goods subject to taxes and import duties, keeping inventory in a bonded warehouse provides various advantages.

Some of the major benefits of Bonded Warehouse are:

Save costs

As fluctuating demand might cause goods to sell slowly, bonded storage allows duty payments to follow the demand and supply trend. If commodities are re-exported for international trade, customs clearance will not be paid in the UK but rather at the country of destination, avoiding double duty payment.

Defer Customs Duty

Only after the goods have left the warehouse and been placed on the market for sale is payment due. This allows you to finish any remaining pre-sale preparations, as well as providing a nice boost to your cash flow throughout the sale. The costs of shipping and storage are eliminated if the items are to be exported. Businesses can save money by adopting bonded warehousing.

Improved Customer Service

In a bonded warehouse, you can order goods well ahead of anticipated demand and store them until they’re needed, giving your customers a better experience. Importers benefit from bonded warehouses since they have stress-free storage space and can easily transport their goods. The bonded warehouses are monitored 24 hours a day, have postponed duties and taxes, and have no deadlines for completing paperwork or making payments.

Enhanced Security

For some businesses, exporting goods to another country can be a stressful and anxious affair. One of the last things they want to happen is for them to get concerned about the safety of their product. When you store products in a bonded warehouse, you can rest assured that they are safe and secure and that no one will have access to them. Bonded warehouses are usually outfitted with high-tech security and fire suppression systems to keep everyone safe, including the contents themselves, in order to secure both the commodities being held and the people who work in the warehouses.

Boost cash flow

Import duty and VAT costs can be postponed until your products are sold or leave the customs bonded warehouse. And since no upfront payment is necessary, cash flow can be significantly improved, and duties and taxes can be paid after the commodities have been collected and packed for home consumption or have left the warehouse.

You might be looking for a UK bonded warehouse if you’re bringing products into the United Kingdom and want to avoid paying excise tax and VAT. Customs regulations apply to bonded warehouses in the United Kingdom. Rather than paying excise duty and VAT when the bonded items are imported, they are delayed until they are sold or dispatched from the warehouse. Sellers of food, alcohol, tobacco, and high-value commodities such as electronics commonly use bonded warehousing, which provides advantages for those who import goods to sell in the UK.

Bonded storage provides a number of benefits to importing businesses, including the ability to re-export products without paying excise duty. Using a bonded warehouse company to store your commodities is optional, but it ensures that they are stored lawfully and safely by an HMRC-approved facility.

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