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Easier, faster & inexpensive customs clearance

Automated customs clearance & inventory management

Provisioned to serve Importers, Exporters and the Customs Intermediaries sector to efficiently manage their customs requirements. tradePhlo features a range of powerful applications that give businesses complete control over their trade, customs and compliance management procedures.

tradePhlo customs management app helps you take Import & Export declarations in-house, making it cheaper, faster and easier, whilst giving you complete control and real-time visibility into your customs operations. Not sure about commodity code, procedures, documents, VAT, payment methods etc? Our customer support team is available to provide all the answers.

Create account

Create test declarations. Once ready, simply select our PAYG plan or monthly subscriptions. No set-up fees.


tradePhlo In-built test & production account authorisation with Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

Create declarations

Create and manage Import/Export declarations. Seamlessly submit tested declaration into production.

Duties/VAT payments

Settle Import taxes using multiple payment methods, including Duty Deferment Account & Postponed VAT Accounting.

Track progress

Track progress of declarations in real-time & take quick actions. Digitally upload supporting documents for fast clearance.

Customs management

Three service models

Customs brokerage

Customs broker services

  • Import & Export Declarations

  • Simplified & Special procedures

  • Classification of commodities

  • Deferment Account facility

  • Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA)

  • Goods Movement Records (GMR)

Our certified customs agents can process your Import and Export declarations for you, ensuring your goods continue to move smoothly across borders. Not sure about commodity codes, procedures, documents, payment methods etc? Our customer support team will work with you to correctly classify goods, understand complexities surrounding procedure codes, optimise your customs duty position and much more.

Representation form

Complete Direct Representation form, allowing tradePhlo to acts as a direct representative and agree payment terms.

Share documents

Share commercial invoice, packing list & other supporting documents. Use tradePhlo custom templates for faster processing.

Test approval (free)

tradePhlo team create and share test entry to customer for customer review, displaying in-advance potential VAT & Duties.

Final Submission

Once approved, the declaration is submitted into production for clearance. Final documents shared and Invoiced upon clearance and full satisfaction of our clients.


tradePhlo customs support team is available to resolve any post-submission issues and can liaise directly with customs authorise for the same.

Certified customs professionals

Our experience is supported by qualifications: Certified Customs Practitioner (level 4 certificate in advanced customs compliance).

Flexible, scalable & secure

Easy automation Open cloud architecture Seamless integration to pre-built connectors

Inventory management


  • Product Catalogue

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Purchase Order Creation

  • Sales Order Management

  • Multi-Warehouse Support

  • Removal Requests and Reporting

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective inventory management is key to success. Our advanced inventory management software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline customs processes, optimise inventory operations, and ensure compliance. 

Create product catalogue 

Maintain a comprehensive catalogue of products, including details such as descriptions, classifications, harmonised codes, and other relevant information required for customs declarations.

Create Purchase orders 

Generate purchase orders with details such as supplier information, products, quantities, prices, and delivery dates. 

Create Sale orders 

Create sales orders, specifying customer information, products, quantities, prices, and requested delivery dates. 

Create customs removals

Create removal declarations for Bonded, duty-liable stock. Customs relevant information automatically extracted for declaration to customs authority.    

Try our Customs management services now

Try our Customs broker services now

tradePhlo offers a customs inventory management solution, designed to help businesses efficiently manage their inventory and customs warehouse-related processes.  

Self service

Create, monitor and manage your own customs declarations. Set-up and use Duty/VAT payment facilities including DDA, CDS Cash account and postpone-VAT. Ad-hoc reporting.

Support & training

Our Subject Matter Experts and Customer Support Engineers are available 24/7 to help your in-house staff training and continued systems support and customs queries.

New control & visibilities

Gain complete control of your customs processes. Real-time visibility into the progress of declarations. Digital file-upload facility to send declaration-specific documents to HMRC.

Single Interface for test & live

tradePhlo hosts Test and Live environment on a single interface. This allows users to copy tested and approved declarations and submit into live within seconds.

Multiple users

Invite multiple users to set-up individual accounts. Control the level of access invited users have to the app.

Built on cloud

Low code automation, digital aggregation and sharing of import/export information throughout companies’ supply chain in real time.

tradePhlo combines data, state-of-the-art technology and people power in a single application

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Create Import/Export easily and quickly with intelligent, automated data entry. Monitor and track progress of declarations in real-time