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Unlock the power of seamless global trade with tradePhlo

Experience effortless customs management, expert customs brokerage, and streamlined inventory management, all in one comprehensive solution

Self service

Create, monitor and manage your own customs declarations. Set-up and use Duty/VAT payment facilities including DDA, CDS Cash account and postpone-VAT. Ad-hoc reporting.

Support & training

Our Subject Matter Experts and Customer Support Engineers are available 24/7 to help your in-house staff training and continued systems support and customs queries.

New control & visibilities

Gain complete control of your customs processes. Real-time visibility into the progress of declarations. Digital file-upload facility to send declaration-specific documents to HMRC.

Single Interface for test & live

tradePhlo hosts Test and Live environment on a single interface. This allows users to copy tested and approved declarations and submit into live within seconds.

Multiple users

Invite multiple users to set-up individual accounts. Control the level of access invited users have to the app.

Built on cloud

Low code automation, digital aggregation and sharing of import/export information throughout companies’ supply chain in real time.

tradePhlo combines data, state-of-the-art technology and people power in a single application

Comprehensive Customs and Trade Solutions

With tradePhlo, gain access to powerful trade management tools designed to provide unparalleled support and efficiency for your trade and customs needs.