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Frequently Asked Questions 


Absolutely. Our Hybrid model is perfect for businesses new to customs, offering guided support until you‘re ready to proceed independently.


Can tradePhlo help if I'm new to customs declarations?


Our platform offers real-time visibility and tracking, ensuring you’re always informed. For specific queries, our customer support team is here to assist during business hours.


What if I need help outside regular business hours?


Consider your experience level and resource availability. Our Self-Service model is great for those with customs knowledge, while our Managed Service offers complete handling of your customs needs. The Hybrid model offers a balanced approach.


How do I choose the right service model?


Yes, tradePhlo is designed to handle a wide range of import and export declarations, covering various modes of transport and goods types.


Is tradePhlo compatible with all types of imports and exports?


Simply sign up on our platform, choose your service model, and follow the steps to create your account and start your customs management journey.


How can I start using tradePhlo for my customs management?

Our Competitive Edge


Ideal for businesses ready to handle declarations in-house, with support from our customer team.

Managed Service

Let our certified agents take care of your declarations for seamless customs clearance.

Hybrid Service

Start with our guidance and gradually take over your customs declarations with confidence.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor the status of your declarations and actions required for fast clearance.

Flexible Payments

Choose from various payment methods for settling import taxes efficiently.

Get started with tradePhlo for Customs Management

Create an Account

Sign up and choose your preferred service model based on your business needs.

Authorization and Declarations

Gain authorization with Customs Declaration Service (CDS) and create/manage your declarations.

Payment and Tracking

Opt for flexible duty/VAT payment methods and track the progress of your declarations in real-time.

Expert Support

Whether you opt for self-service or require full management, our team is here to support every step of the way.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started!

Why choose tradePhlo as your preferred tool for Customs Management?

Cost Efficiency

Reduce expenses by taking your customs declarations in-house.

Speed and Simplicity

Accelerate your customs processing with an easy-to-use platform and quick, digital document uploads.

Customized Service

Select the service model that best suits your business needs and level of customs expertise.

Peace of Mind

Rely on tradePhlo's expert support and certified customs agents to navigate complex customs requirements confidently.

Explore more about our tailored Customs Management Service Models


Three Tailored Service Models

Choose from Self-Service, Managed Service, or Hybrid models to fit your business needs and expertise level.

Complete Control and Visibility

Handle your customs declarations in-house with our intuitive app, offering real-time tracking and full oversight.

Flexible Payment Methods

Enjoy multiple payment options for duties and VAT, including Duty Deferment Account and Postponed VAT Accounting.

Expert Support

Access our dedicated customer support team for guidance on commodity codes, procedures, documents, and more.

UK-EU Customs Management by tradePhlo

Transform your import and export declaration process with tradePhlo Customs Management – a comprehensive service designed to make your customs operations cheaper, faster, and more efficient.

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