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Why choose tradePhlo?

Goods Classification

Utilize descriptive input to accurately classify goods, significantly reducing the risk of errors.

Integrated Duty Calculation

Automatically calculate duties and taxes, apply for reliefs, and understand country-specific controls without leaving the platform.

Provisional Calculations

Make use of provisional calculations to test scenarios before committing to final submissions.

Descriptive Input Method

Simplify the classification process with a user-friendly input method that guides you to the correct commodity code.

Continuous Regulatory Updates

Rely on a platform that adapts to changes in trade regulations and tariff codes, ensuring ongoing compliance.

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Key Benefits

Accuracy in Classification

Reduce the risk of errors and potential penalties with our in-built goods classification system.

Financial Efficiency

Identify duty relief opportunities and ensure you are paying the correct amount of taxes and duties.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of country-specific import controls and regulations with our continuously updated database.

Operational Streamlining

Save time and resources by simplifying the classification and tariff calculation processes.

How It Works


Effortless Onboarding

Set up your tradePhlo account to start your customs declarations module with goods classification and integrated trade tariff solutions.


Automated Classification

Input a description of your goods and find the correct commodity code within the system.


Tariff Calculations

Access detailed duty and tax calculations, including relief opportunities and country-specific controls, directly through our platform.


Review and Adjust

Utilize our provisional calculations to make any necessary adjustments before finalizing your classification and tariff entries.


Continuous Learning

Benefit from a system that evolves with regulatory changes, ensuring your operations remain compliant and up to date.

What our customers have to say:

Jaslyn Enterprise

E-commerce business | 5000+ products, over 40 categories

Jaslyn Enterprise amazon

"Brexit has disrupted the UK-EU trade opportunities for us. My customers require me to be swift with zero tolerance for custom delays due to incorrect paperwork. tradePhlo is helping us achieve the operational excellence we are striving for"

Lovepreet S Dhillon

Managing Director, Jaslyn Enterprise

Goods Classification and Integrated Trade Tariff

tradePhlo ensures that your commodities are accurately classified and you gain leverage from our comprehensive Integrated Trade Tariff solutions. Embrace confidence in your trade operations with a system designed for precision and ease.


Elevate your trade compliance strategy with tradePhlo

Our platform simplifies the complexities of trade tariffs and goods classification, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency.

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