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Frequently Asked Questions 


Our software integrates with customs management systems to streamline documentation and ensure compliance with import/export regulations.


How does tradePhlo’s inventory management software help with customs processes?


Yes, our software supports multi-warehouse management, allowing you to track and control inventory across different locations.


Can I manage multiple warehouses with tradePhlo’s software?


It automates both purchase and sales order processes, ensuring quick and accurate order fulfillment.


How does the software handle order processing?


The system allows for the creation of various reports, including stock levels, financial summaries, and compliance reports.


What kind of reports can I generate with tradePhlo’s inventory management system?


Is it possible to integrate tradePhlo’s inventory management with other ERP systems?


Is it possible to integrate tradePhlo’s inventory management with other ERP systems?

Our Competitive Edge

Product Catalogue

Maintain a detailed database of all products, including classifications and specifications.

Purchase Order Creation

Automate and manage the generation and approval of purchase orders.

Sales Order Management

Streamline sales processes with efficient order handling and customer management.

Multi-Warehouse Support:

Manage operations across various storage facilities seamlessly.

Removal Requests and Reporting

Generate detailed reports for inventory audits, removals, or any specific compliance needs.

Get started with tradePhlo for Customs Management

Setup and Integration

Implement tradePhlo’s inventory management software with your existing systems for a seamless transition.

Inventory Control

Manage product catalogues, track inventory across multiple locations, and handle all related documentation.

Order Processing

Automate the creation of purchase and sales orders, streamline approvals, and accelerate fulfillment processes.

Compliance and Reporting

Utilize custom templates for compliance documentation; receive proactive reports on inventory status and customs entries.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started!

Why choose tradePhlo as your preferred tool for Customs Management?

Increased Efficiency

Reduce manual errors and save time with automated inventory processes.

Enhanced Visibility

Keep a clear view of inventory levels and product movements, helping to prevent stockouts and overstock.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to trade regulations with integrated customs management features.

Cost Reduction

Optimize inventory levels to minimize holding costs and improve cash flow.

Explore more about our tailored Customs Management Service Models


Comprehensive Feature Suite

Leverage a full range of tools from product cataloguing to multi-warehouse support.

Customs Process Integration

Seamlessly integrate inventory management with customs declarations and compliance.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor inventory levels, order statuses, and movement across all locations in real-time.

Advanced Reporting

Utilize removal requests and detailed reports to make informed decisions and enhance operational transparency.

Inventory Management by tradePhlo

Harness the power of tradePhlo's advanced inventory management software to maintain optimal inventory levels, streamline customs processes, and ensure full regulatory compliance. Revolutionize your inventory operations today.

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