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BTOM: New Brexit Import Checks

As the United Kingdom braces for the implementation of new Brexit-related import checks slated for the end of April, concerns about potential food shortages are growing among importers. According to a detailed report by The Guardian, industry leaders warn that new handling fees—costing up to £145 per consignment—could lead to shortages of various food items, flowers, and herbs. Small suppliers, in particular, are feeling the pinch as some European Union (EU) exporters are considering withdrawing from the UK market altogether due to the increased bureaucratic hurdles and costs.

The forthcoming changes are part of the government's broader strategy to manage the costs associated with new border facilities, including a £154 million inland border control site at Sevington in Kent. These measures are expected to inflate the cost of importing chilled food and plants into the UK by around £1 billion. This financial impact is prompting some EU exporters to explore other markets, thereby potentially reducing the diversity and availability of products for UK consumers.

Retailers, especially small delis and farm shops, are among the hardest hit, having to scramble to adapt their supply chains to the new regulatory landscape introduced with short notice. This scenario highlights the critical need for robust trade and customs management solutions that can help businesses navigate these challenging times effectively.

At tradePhlo, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with international trade, especially in light of significant regulatory changes such as those posed by Brexit. Our advanced tools and services are designed to streamline the customs clearance process, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate smoothly despite the new trade barriers.

Here’s how tradePhlo can assist businesses in adapting to the new import checks:

  • Comprehensive Customs Solutions: tradePhlo offers end-to-end customs brokerage services that handle all aspects of import and export declarations. This includes managing the necessary paperwork and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

  • Advanced Software for Inventory and Order Management: Our software helps businesses keep track of their inventory levels and manage orders efficiently, which is particularly crucial during times of supply chain disruption.

  • Expert Advice and Support: Our team of experts provides guidance on how to navigate the new rules, optimizing your operations to mitigate the impact of increased costs and administrative burdens.

  • Facilitation of Smooth and Compliant Trade: By leveraging tradePhlo’s tools and services, businesses can ensure that their products move across borders with minimal delays, avoiding potential fines and other regulatory penalties.

The introduction of new Brexit import checks represents a significant challenge for the UK food industry, but with the right support and resources, businesses can continue to thrive. To read more about the challenges and impacts of these new regulations, visit The Guardian's full article.

For more information on how tradePhlo can help your business adapt to the new Brexit import checks, contact us for a discussion today. Let us help you keep your business moving forward in these challenging times.


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