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BTOM: UK Garden Centres Stockpile Plants Ahead of New Brexit Checks

As the deadline for new Brexit border checks draws near, UK garden centres and nurseries are stockpiling plants in anticipation of potential delays and damages. Starting April 30, the UK government will implement physical checks on plant and animal products imported from the EU. This move is part of the new border target operating model (BTOM), which aims to enhance the nation's biosecurity by preventing the importation of diseases that could harm the country’s plant life.

Industry Concerns Over Border Readiness

The Horticultural Trade Association (HTA), representing garden retailers and growers across the UK, has noted a significant increase in plant orders by its members in the weeks leading up to the enforcement of the new checks. This strategy is primarily to ensure adequate stock levels before the potential logistical disruptions occur at the border.

Suppliers in Europe are also reacting to the impending changes. Many have announced plans to withhold shipments for up to three weeks after the new checks begin, due to concerns that border control posts (BCPs) may not be able to cope with the initial volume of deliveries. This cautious approach reflects widespread uncertainty about the efficiency of the new system at a critical time for the horticultural industry.

Government Assurance and Industry Skepticism

Despite these industry-wide concerns, the UK government has reassured that the necessary infrastructure and training are in place to handle the new checks effectively. A government spokesperson stated that they are committed to supporting businesses through this transition and ensuring that the flow of imports remains smooth.

However, skepticism remains within the horticultural sector. Many businesses fear that the introduction of these checks could lead to significant delays in processing and potentially damage sensitive plant products, which could have a detrimental effect on the peak trading period in May — a crucial time for garden centre sales.

tradePhlo's Role in Mitigating BTOM Disruptions

At tradePhlo, we understand the challenges faced by the horticulture sector and offer solutions to help businesses navigate the complexities of new customs regulations. Our platform is designed to streamline customs processes and ensure compliance, thus minimizing potential delays and enhancing operational efficiency during critical periods.

For businesses concerned about the new Brexit border checks and their impact on the horticulture sector, further information and detailed insights are available. Read more about the challenges and strategies being employed by UK garden centres and nurseries on the Guardian website. Continue reading here.

TradePhlo remains dedicated to assisting UK garden centres, nurseries, and other businesses in adapting to these new regulations efficiently and effectively, ensuring that trade continues to flourish even in challenging times. Click here to contact tradePhlo today!


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