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  • tradePhlo is a web-based application, which you may start using as soon as you have completed the online registration. You may opt for a PAYG plan, where you will be charged per successful declaration entry or one of our monthly subscription plans to economise on the costs.

  • No. There are no set up or implementation costs borne by the customer.

  • tradePhlo comes with multiple integration models to manage different business functions and processes. Multiple APIs that allows for the exchange of data from various sources.

  • Yes, existing users can switch plans at any point of time without any penalties or hidden charges.

  • For the purpose of signing up, you will simply need to provide your name, address and contact information. In order to prepare and submit a declaration, you will need the commercial information relevant to the Import/Export, which you may gather from an invoice, packing list etc.


tradePhlo interactive demo 

Experience our virtual demo to see how tradePhlo can accelerate customs clearance processes and achieve operational efficiencies by automating time-consuming, non-value-added activities.

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