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opsPhlo Team

Join Us

We invite individuals who align with our values and possess a genuine passion for software engineering. If you are eager to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in your work, we welcome you to join our team. Together, we can drive innovation and apply AI/ML technologies to create impactful solutions across Commodity Trading, International Trading and Supply Chain Management domains.

Our Culture

Phlo Systems prides itself on fostering an inclusive and transparent work culture. Our core values shape our approach to collaboration and personal growth:

Continuous Learning and Accountability: We believe in providing an environment where everyone is encouraged to learn and grow. Making mistakes is seen as an opportunity for improvement and innovation.

Respect and Equality: We value each individual's contributions, regardless of seniority or skill set. Mutual respect and equal treatment form the foundation of our team dynamics.

Collaboration and Support: We foster a culture where seeking assistance and collaborating with colleagues is actively encouraged. We understand that asking for help leads to better outcomes and collective success.

Flexible Time Off: At Phlo Systems, we prioritize work-life balance and trust our employees to manage their time effectively. We do not impose a rigid holiday calendar but rather emphasize taking necessary breaks to recharge and maintain overall well-being.

Our Mission

tradePhlo is a subsidiary of Phlo Systems Limited, a company dedicated to revolutionizing international trade, finance, and customs management. Our mission is to simplify and enhance every aspect of the physical goods supply chain, making it easier, faster, more cost-effective, secure, and transparent. We achieve this through innovative digital solutions that leverage Cloud, AI, IoT, ML, and third-party APIs, catapulting the international trading sector into a new era of digital exchange.

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