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Why choose tradePhlo?

CaptainClear™ Technology

Harness the power of our advanced AI technology for accurate document processing and declaration form filling.

Commercial Document Processing

Automatically extract necessary information from a wide range of commercial documents with precision.

Declaration Form Filling

Let AI take the lead in accurately filling out customs declaration forms based on the processed data.

Error Minimization

Rely on sophisticated algorithms to detect and correct potential errors before they can impact your customs operations.

Data Reuse

Effortlessly reuse previously processed data for new declarations, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time.

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Key Benefits

Increased Accuracy

Drastically reduce errors in customs declarations with AI-powered data extraction and form filling.

Time Savings

Automate the tedious task of data entry, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Consistency in Documentation

Ensure consistent data across all documents and declarations with automated data reuse and processing.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline your entire customs declaration process, from document processing to final submission, with intelligent automation.

How It Works


Sign Up & Set Up

Quickly create your tradePhlo account and set up your business profile to start managing declarations.


Document Processing

Upload commercial documents, and CaptainClear™ AI will automatically extract and process the necessary information.


Declaration Form Filling

Watch as AI technology fills out declaration forms accurately, using processed data, with minimal human intervention.


Error Minimization

Benefit from an advanced error-checking algorithm that significantly reduces the chances of inaccuracies in your declarations.


Data Reuse

Easily reuse data for future declarations, saving time and ensuring consistency across your trade documentation.

What our customers have to say

Jaslyn Enterprise

E-commerce business | 5000+ products, over 40 categories

Jaslyn Enterprise amazon

"Brexit has disrupted the UK-EU trade opportunities for us. My customers require me to be swift with zero tolerance for custom delays due to incorrect paperwork. tradePhlo is helping us achieve the operational excellence we are striving for"

Lovepreet S Dhillon

Managing Director, Jaslyn Enterprise

Revolutionize Your Customs Data Entry with CaptainClear™

tradePhlo brings you innovative Automated Customs Data Entry solution, powered by CaptainClear™ technology. Transform your customs declaration process with intelligent automation that minimizes errors and streamlines document processing.


Join the revolution in Automated Customs Data Entry

Our modern CaptainClear™ AI technology ensures accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, transforming your trade documentation workflow.

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