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Frequently Asked Questions 


A customs broker manages the documentation and procedures required for international shipments to clear customs, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws.


What does a customs broker do?


By ensuring compliance, speeding up customs clearance, and providing expert advice, we help you minimize delays and potential penalties, leading to cost savings and smoother operations.


How can tradePhlo’s customs brokerage service benefit my business?


You need to complete a Direct Representation form and provide necessary documentation such as commercial invoices and packing lists.


What is needed to start working with tradePhlo’s Customs Brokerage service?


Yes, our certified agents are equipped to manage both import and export declarations efficiently.


Can tradePhlo handle both import and export declarations?


Our customs agents are continually trained on the latest regulations and procedures, ensuring your shipments are always compliant.


How does tradePhlo ensure compliance with customs regulations?

Our Competitive Edge

Import & Export Declarations

Expert processing of your shipments to and from any country.

Commodity Classification

Assistance in correctly classifying your goods to avoid penalties and optimize duty payments.

Deferment Account Facility

Manage cash flow effectively by deferring duty payments.

Postponed VAT Accounting

Improve your cash flow by accounting for import VAT on your VAT return rather than paying upfront.

Goods Movement Records

Keep track of your goods movements under the new post-Brexit regulations.

Get started with tradePhlo for Customs Management

Representation Setup

Complete a Direct Representation form to authorize tradePhlo to handle your customs needs.

Document Sharing and Review

Share essential documents and use our custom templates for faster processing. Receive a test entry for approval, showcasing potential VAT and duties.

Declaration and Clearance

After approval, we submit your declarations into production for customs clearance.

Post-submission Support

Our team remains available to handle any post-submission issues and liaises with customs authorities as needed.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started!

Why choose tradePhlo as your preferred tool for Customs Management?

Smooth Operations:

Ensure continuous and compliant movement of goods across borders without delays.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay updated with the latest customs regulations and procedures, mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Reduce administrative burdens and potential penalties with expert handling and advice.

Customized Solutions

Benefit from services tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and industry.

Explore more about our tailored Customs Management Service Models


Certified Customs Agents

Work with experienced professionals who understand the complexities of global trade.

Comprehensive Services

From classification to clearance, our services cover every aspect of customs brokerage.

Customized Support

Our team is ready to assist with commodity codes, procedures, documents, and payment methods.

Efficient Process

Utilize simplified procedures, special handling, and advanced tools like Postponed VAT Accounting and Goods Movement Records.

Customs Brokerage by tradePhlo

Let tradePhlo's certified customs agents streamline your import and export processes, ensuring that your goods continue to move smoothly across borders. Partner with experts who understand the intricacies of customs brokerage.

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