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  • Kumar Shivam

Streamline Trade Compliance & Inventory Management with Neil Morrow – New Accounts Director at tradePhlo

Have you ever pondered what truly distinguishes the pioneers pushing the boundaries of innovation? Imagine if the secret to success lay not only in sophisticated technology but also in the visionary individuals steering it. Enter Neil Morrow, the newest member of the Phlo systems team, blending state-of-the-art trade-tech with strategic foresight to redefine customs management in the International Trade solutions landscape. 

A Mosaic of Expertise 

Neil brings a wealth of experience to tradePhlo, spanning more than two decades, marked by leadership and a legacy of innovation in logistics, customs brokerage, and technology solutions, particularly focused on streamlining international trade. Neil joined Phlo Systems as an Account Director for tradePhlo, our cloud-based customs & inventory management SaaS platform, to transform customs compliance, customs clearance, inventory management, and overall trade efficiency for our clients. 

Before Phlo, Neil worked as a Sales Director in the Customs and Global Trade division of Deloitte, where he honed his expertise in handling requirements related to customs compliance and clearance. This role underscored his ability to navigate the complex tapestry of international trade regulations, making him an ideal fit for tackling the challenges faced by tradePhlo's customers. 

Why Neil is a Game-Changer for tradePhlo 

Neil's appointment is a strategic move for tradePhlo. His knowledge and experience are exactly what we need to enhance our solutions for customs brokerage, customs compliance, and international trade management. With Neil guiding our strategy, we're set to expand our market presence and redefine excellence in our sector. 

Neil's Vision for tradePhlo: Simplifying International Trade for Businesses 

Neil aims to make tradePhlo the go-to for businesses navigating the complexities of international trade. His approach to client engagement and his industry insight will drive tradePhlo to new heights, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of the global trade industry. 

The Perfect Pair: tradePhlo and Neil Morrow 

But what truly makes Neil and tradePhlo an unparalleled duo in the world of international trade? Here’s a fun look at their shared characteristics: 




Neil Morrow 


Known for its intuitive design, making customs compliance a breeze. 

Approachable and clear communicator, making complex regulations seem simple. 


Tailors solutions to fit the unique needs of each business's international trade operations. 

Adapts strategies to solve specific client challenges, proving flexibility is key. 

Real-Time Updates 

Provides up-to-the-minute data on customs and trade regulations. 

Always on the pulse of international trade laws, ready with timely advice. 

Risk Management 

Equipped with tools to navigate and mitigate the risks of international trade. 

Has an eye for detail, foreseeing potential pitfalls and steering clear with ease. 


Grows with your business, handling expanding international trade requirements effortlessly. 

Known for scaling solutions to match the growth ambitions of clients, big or small. 


Continuously evolving to incorporate the latest in customs and trade solutions. 

Brings creative and forward-thinking solutions to the table, just like pulling rabbits out of a hat. 


Prioritizes the protection of sensitive data and compliance information. 

Guards client trust and confidentiality with the utmost care and integrity. 

Performance Driven 

Aims to boost efficiency and streamline international trade processes. 

Fueled by a desire to achieve and exceed goals, inspiring those around him to push boundaries. 


Known for dependable solutions that businesses can count on. 

A rock-solid presence, always there when you need guidance or a strategic insight. 

Global Reach 

Facilitates trade across borders with a comprehensive understanding of global markets. 

Brings a world of experience and a global perspective, making international connections seem effortless. 

In essence, the combination of tradePhlo's advanced solutions and Neil Morrow's seasoned expertise is poised to revolutionize how businesses approach international trade. Together, they embody a partnership that's not only about achieving compliance and efficiency but also about navigating the global trade landscape with confidence and innovation. 


Neil Morrow's arrival at tradePhlo is more than just a new chapter; it's a testament to our commitment to excellence and our journey towards simplifying international trade for businesses around the globe. With Neil on board, we're excited to see where this perfect pairing will lead us, reshaping the future of trade one successful partnership at a time. 


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