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How to register for an EORI number?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI)

How to register for an EORI number?

What is an EORI number?

Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) numbers are necessary for businesses importing or exporting goods into or out of the United Kingdom. The EORI number, which was introduced by the EU in 2009, is a key identification for customs in the import and export of goods and services from outside the EU zone.

The Traders Union Reference Number System was previously used to track international commercial shipments, but EORI has now replaced it. To transfer goods between the UK and the EU after Brexit, UK businesses will need an EORI number.

What is the format of an EORI number?

The 12-digit EORI numbers come in two different formats: those for VAT-registered businesses and those for non-VAT-registered businesses.

  1. EORI for VAT-registered businesses: comprised of a country code (‘GB’, for example), combined with the business’ VAT number, followed by ‘000’

  2. EORI for non-VAT-registered businesses: a country code such as ‘GB’ combined with a unique number that is provided by HMRC

The number is used not only for customs verification and tracking but also for transmitting data between appropriate government agencies in order to track statistics and guarantee proper security measures are in place.

Who needs an EORI number?

If you move goods between the following regions, you may need an Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI number).

  1. between Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) or the Isle of Man and any other country (including the EU)

  2. between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  3. between Great Britain and the Channel Islands

  4. between Northern Ireland and countries outside the EU

You do not need an EORI number if you’re only moving goods for personal use.

What information is required to apply for an EORI number?

To apply for an Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI number) you need your:

  1. Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) – find your UTR if you do not know it

  2. business start date and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code – these are in the Companies House register

  3. Government Gateway user ID and password

  4. VAT number and effective date of registration (if you’re VAT registered) – these are on your VAT registration certificate

  5. National Insurance number – if you’re an individual or a sole trader

How to apply for an EORI number?

HMRC has adedicated page to directly apply for an EORI number(which they state takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete).

You should receive confirmation and your unique EORI number either immediately or within 5 working days after submitting your application, depending on if HMRC needs to follow up on anything.

CLICK HERE to apply for an EORI number now!

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